Today's a BIG DAY in 1st Grade!

Student Book Selections Will Begin Coming Home!

What is a book selection?

Student book selection is a practice in our classroom. Each day your young reader will choose a book from our classroom library. These books may be my personal books, books from the public library and books provided by the district. Readers will bring home their book choice to read and share with their family each night.

Why Do the Kids Select Their Books?

Independent book choice sets the expectation that we read everyday, it's just what we do and your reading is your choice. Choice encourages readers and enables kids to discover the love of reading from an early age.

Book choice motivates readers, builds reading stamina and teaches readers a skill that is necessary for life long readers-choosing books!

Reader's will be brining home books that they can read independently, they may need you to read with them or they may need you to read to them.

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How Often Will Book Selections Come Home?

Every night, readers will select a new book each day and they are responsible for their books safe return each day. Encourage your 1st grader to keep the book and the book selection envelope (BSE) in their book bag when they're not reading. This will help keep the book free of damage.

What if...

My reader forgets the book or the book BSE at home? - The reader won't be making a new book choice until the book selection is returned~Sorry.

A book gets damaged? Can we fix it? No worries!

A book gets lost? A lost book (or a book damaged beyond repair) will need to be replaced. There will be a $10.00 charge in this case.