Don't Vote for Columbian Exchange

BY:Nicholas Stelly

what did the Columbian Exchange do for us and not for us

one of the many postives are when the natives started to use the horeses to hut this opend a traid to navies for goods like peuanuts , corn, cocoa,tomatos now feed amrica

Many of the negtives are how the potatos had a dises that killed milons of peple that ate them becuase they where cheep and many poor ate them comnly so many pepole died this was a grate negtive for melions .

vote aginst the coluombian exchang and you be happy

If the Columbia exchange never happen melons of incest people won't die for eating potatoes because FAMINE is a daises that was imported from America to Europe and it killed melons of people .

The Natives

Another reason to vote against the Colombian exchange is we killed melons of native Americans Just for resources and gold kind of greedy if you ask me and if the Colombian

exchange never happened they mite still be alive.