usvaldo & antonio


France is beautiful country.France is in Europe.the capital of France is pairs,pairs is one
of the beautiful places in France.and the population is 66,259,012,and the ages are mostly 25-54.


France has some major cities like Paris,Brest and marsille.France also has mountains-Mont blank,Pyrenees and Alps.France one of the most famous architecture and that is the Eiffel Tower,it also has some others like Disney land and evenness national park.The major bodies of waters around it is English channel,Bay of Biscay,and maditraneon sea.


general season weather conditions are cool winters and mild summers .the rainy seasons in the north east ,in Manson hurricanes destroy work and businesses.the rainy months are in inoctober and november.the dryist month is febuary.


France has a republic government,there major region is Roman Catholic.France Major sport is Rugby,Football.There one of there food is french tradition they have is Bastille day.