Tyler Perry Resiliency

Amari Eberhart

Never Giving Up

Tyler Perry faced many obstacles in the beginning of his life. From being abused by his father, dropping out of high school, and even becoming homeless. No matter how big the fall was, he still got up and tried even harder.

''Tyler Perry has forged his own way in the entertainment industry, building an empire that consists of successful films, plays, and even a best-selling book’’

‘’Tyler Perry Biography’’



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How It All Started

Tyler Perry gained inspiration when watching an episode of ''Oprah''. Oprah suggested he that her audience write down some of their struggles in a notebook to help them overcome them. Discovering his ability to write common struggles of the world, he wrote his first play ''I Know I've Been Changed''. The play failed miserably and Tyler soon found himself living in his car. Regardless of his situation he continued to pursue writing plays.

''Each and every time the show didn’t work, I learned something new. I learned what not to do and what I could do better,” wrote Perry, whose first staged play, “I Know I’ve Been Changed” was considered a financial failure when it first debuted in 1992 before he revamped it and found success taking it on the road and touring from 1998 to 2000.''

A New High

Tyler Perry's introduction to Madea brought great popularity and a granted future for Perry's plays. Many fans started requested Madea more than ever,Tyler Perry then wrote a book from Madea's prospective. The book was a huge success and before he knew Perry's career was soaring.

'' Because of the demand to see more of Madea, in 2005 publishers vied to have Perry write a book from Madea's perspective. The proposed book would offer comic advice to African-American women. It was scheduled for publication in 2006 and be titled Don't Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings: Madea's Uninhibited Commentaries on Love and Life.''

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  • Won 5 NAACP Awards
  • Won Kids Choice Blimp Award
  • Tyler Perry's first movie was ‘’Diary of a Mad Black Women’’
  • ''After his second film, Madea's Family Reunion, he opened Tyler Perry Studios, in Atlanta, and went on to direct and produce seven other movies and create two successful TBS shows''
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Keep On Pushing

Tyler Perry resiliency was proven through actions and faith. There millions of times when Perry could have given up, especially when you've put all you got into something and it fails. Abused by his father and mentally and physically tired of trying to believe in something that's not there, its easy to give up. Not letting that stop him, Tyler Perry has won many awards and is known for writing the greatest plays and movies that always have meaning. Instead of letting the negative get in his way Tyler Perry kept his head up and continued being resilient. “You have to understand that what you may perceive to be a failure may very well be an opportunity to learn, grow, get better, and prepare for the next level. If you find the lessons in what you perceive to be failures, then you won’t ever fail at anything,” said Perry (Brown).
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