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December 2014

While the month of December was short, only 20 school days, there was a lot going on at Northwood. The month was busy from the start with winter themed lessons and activities in the classroom. Sharing and caring was seen throughout the school, especially as you walked in through the main doors of the school to see the Caring Tree. As you travel through the hallways you will notice beautiful artwork hanging on the walls and students working hard with volunteers, peers and classroom aides. It is joyous to see the students and staff cheery despite the busyness of the season. As this first half of the year comes to a close, I encourage you to reflect on the first few months of school and all you and the students have learned thus far. So much progress should be noted and celebrated! Have a great break!

Caring Tree Collection

The Caring Tree Collection is a community project Northwood Elementary participates in each year! From December 2-12, students and staff donated an abundance of new children's underwear, socks, hats, gloves, scarves, toys, books, and games. These items were taken to St. Paul's Helping Hands Ministry in order to be given to families in the North Canton community. Northwood thanks you for your generosity!

Classroom Lessons - December

Grades K-2

The December counseling lesson focused on the important concept of empathy. In conjunction with our school-wide program Bucket-filling, empathy is an important topic to discuss as well as an essential skill to practice.

We began the lesson by reading, "Stand in My Shoes" by Bob Sorenson. In this book we meet Emily, a young girl that is learning about empathy. She experiences different situations throughout her day in which she notices how someone is feeling and thinks about how she would feel in their shoes. Following the read aloud, we looked at two pairs of shoes and we learned about the experiences of those who wear these shoes. Thank you to Crozet School Counseling for the guidance for this lesson.

In this lesson, the students learned about:

Jill - a first grader who is being teased by those in her dance class for not being able to get all the dance moves correct.

Joey - a second grader who does not get picked for games outside at recess and plays alone instead.

After we discussed these two situations, the Kindergarten students viewed the empathy video linked below, while the first and second graders created an empathy comic strip. The students chose a variety of situations, both positive and negative, and decided on how each person was feeling and what they could do or say to help the other person.

Sesame Street: Mark Ruffalo: Empathy

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