Headset Telegrams

You won't find it anywhere else

Newspaper Project by Clayton White

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Brain Jack : film of the year

Have you ever thought on how far technology can and will go. If you havn't watch and follow Sam and his friends. Through the adventures of Brain Jack. Have your mind dumb founded with all the technology in this movie.Or have your heart raced in action packed chases only in Brain Jack

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new".~Albert Einstein

Cheating by Hidden Neuro Sensor

Yes it is true, students have been caught with the new sensors. Recently caught students using the sensor to cheat on test. How you may ask, by other students giving live feed of answers. It's hard to tell but the students sit and mumble out the questions then the other students give the answers. Teachers please check your students ears before they take the test to stop this sensor
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