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March 10, 2015

Did somebody say Spring Break???

First Shot: The Ultimate Pi Day!!!!

For years people have been celebrating everyone's favorite mathematical constant " π" on Pi Day - March 14th (3.14, get it?). This particular year is considered the ULTIMATE PI DAY.

If you remember, which I'm sure you do, the start of the Pi strand is: 3.141592653... When you translate that to a calendar date and time in our particular year of 2015, you get the Ultimate Pi Moment of:

March 14th, 2015 9:26:53am

Needless to say, math and Pi enthusiasts are pumped. The website below has been counting down to this moment since 2007.

How will you celebrate Pi Day this year?

Second Shot: Dive Deep

This beautiful short film titled "...Meanwhile..." is part of a larger project called "Prograve" by Sandro Bocci. From the film's creators:

"...Meanwhile... shows the world of marine animals like corals and starfish at high magnification and during long time span through the timelapse.

This is an infinitesimal part of the wonderful world in which we live and of which we should take better care. A trip through a different perspective that would encourage reflection on the consequences of our actions on each scale of space and time."



Hope you've enjoyed the Double Shot. More to come next week!