Wishing you the best

Hi Dazzling Divas!

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I've made the decision to step down from leadership with Stella & Dot. This was an extremely difficult decision for me, and ultimately, I made it because of YOU - you all deserve the very best guidance and leadership available, which I know you will get with our incredible upline, Kristen Weiss. Kristen is not just a mentor for me, she's a dear friend and an amazing woman who will support you no matter what your goals are with Stella & Dot, big or small. I'm confident you will be in wonderful hands with her.

For those of you on my first line, Kristen will now be your direct upline, effective immediately. For those of you on my lines 2-6, your sponsor still remains your first point of contact, but now your upline leader will be Kristen.

This was a very hard and bittersweet decision for me but I have recently been pursuing a few other career interests and have decided to take my working life in a different direction.

I adore Stella & Dot and am staying on as a stylist (can't let go of these jewels and this community) so I'm still here!

I have loved the last 5 years. I've always said that the unexpected but most rewarding part of joining this company has been the relationships I've developed with all of you inspiring, funny, savvy women. I'm so grateful for that opportunity and for all of you.

Best of luck with your careers with Stella & Dot. Whether you make this your full-time business or enjoy it as a hobby, I know all of you will leave a little sparkle wherever you go.



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