From Adversity to Perseverance

By: Renata Burgos

The Road to Perserverance

Everyone has adversities in their life, you just have to work to get to the top and triumph. Along the way you might be scared but you just have to go ahead and venture. All of these people did, so why can't you?

The Noble Experiment

Rickey and Robinson


The reason why Mr. Rickey started the experiment was because he had a flashback moment about how he was at a baseball meeting and his team and him stayed at a hotel. There was a black player and the hotel manager didn’t want him staying at his hotel. To solve this he suggested they put a cot in his room for the man to lay on during their stay at the hotel. Because of this flashback moment, it got him thinking about this experiment. This is the time when he knew he had to find someone that could play the part and not feel hurt of what people thought. This is when he started searching for a strong black man, and a good player. Once he found Robinson, he knew that he was ready to start his experiment and see what people thought of Robinson and their comments. Once this happened people started noticing right away and starting rumors. This is what Branch wanted to happen to see how people acted with different races. The problem was Robinson was getting weaker and more upset as this experiment went on. Jackie Robinson said that his stomach felt like a problem, it was because he was feeling many different emotions. Jackie wasn’t sure if he should take the spot considering the things people would say. He said “I knew it was all too good to be true. There was a guy questioning my courage.” If he stopped himself he wouldn't know he was good enough. This brought it to an argument building up between the two, Jackie said “I looked and Mr. RIckey guardedly, and in that second I was looking at him not as a partner in great experiment, but as the enemy-a white man.” Jackie thought that Branch was turning against him, using him. To fix this argument, they talked out what Jackie was feeling about this situation. Jackie referred to your dignity as, “the most luxurious possession”(pg.151) he said this because, he needed to use his dignity to keep him strong, so the fans wouldn’t bring him down and destroy him. He needed to stay loyal to himself and not let anyone get to him. Jackie took the spot and fought through the tough times. He had gone out with his head held high, with power. “I had already begun to feel I had to do it for Branch Rickey.” Jackie thought before going out to play in front of everyone, he was thanking Branch for all he had done for him to get him to the top.

Winston Churchill

The man Himself


Winston Churchill is a man who keeps fighting until the end, a person of accomplishment. Churchill was Minister in 1917. As a young kid he was known as a trouble maker, he was a good student but still had some tricks up his sleeve. He was very energetic and determined he knew what he wanted to do and when. His speeches all had some power to them, but most of all he was confident in himself and that’s the best part, he was himself up on the stage and that’s what made him a popular man. Winston Churchill was born in 1874 at his grandfather’s home, Blenheim Palace England. His father, Lord Randlolph Churchill, and his mother, Jennie Jerome, was an american heiress. Winston had a brother 6 years younger than him. He had a nanny, Elizabeth Everest, she took care of him since his parents traveled a lot and they became really close. He kept in touch with her after she left until she died 1895. When Churchill was eight he went to boarding school. He wasn’t a good student at first but he was liked and known as a troublemaker. When he reached twelve years old, he was accepted into prestigious Harrow school, here he began studying military tactics, the year was 1887. Once he graduated from Harrow, he got accepted into Royal Military College, Sandhurst in the year 1893. In 1894 he graduated near the top of the class amd was given a commision as a cavalry officer. His biggest accomplishment was when he ran for Parliment, this happened when he came back from fighting wars, he had decided he wanted to help make policy not just follow it, this was easy for him because he was already a famous author and a war hero. This started his very long political career. He became known for being outspoken and full of energy. Winston Churchill overall was an energetic man, a happy man, in one of his speeches he said “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never…” This shows that he is a mentally strong and stable man, he is encouraging and confident in himself.

Lose to Win

Cause and Effect
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Carry On

Leroy and Dartanyon

(compare and contrast)

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop.” ~unknown

Leroy and Dartanya had many differences, but that didn’t let them stop themselves from finding each other and always being there for each other. First Leroy had an accident and had to have his legs cut off because they were destroyed, but Dartanya was born blind. Even though it wasn’t the same type of problem, they could still connect and understand each other.

Another difference between them is, that they both did wrestling when they were younger, but now only Dartanya wrestles in the olympics. Even though Leroy doesn’t participate in wrestling anymore, he is still always there to support and cheer for Dartanya in every match. Leroy also has a daughter-that’s why he stopped wrestling to take care of his daughter-his girlfriend and him decided to have a child and become a family, it’s a little girl who is very playful and fun. Dartanya doesn’t have a child but he sometimes takes care of the girl when Leroy needs help.

All these differences helped bond the two men to become best friends and always be there for each other no matter what. This shows that no matter the similarities or differences they can’t stop you from being you and making your own decisions.

Kid President

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