M's Mixer Swag Bags!

Swag bags to give each business unique exposure!

Expose your business on this side!

What is a swag bag? Swag bags- designed to promote/advertise for many different and unique companies. A mix of information/samples provided by the vendors, and then prepared by me. I feature a 30$ prize for the winner of the raffle. The winner will be selected from the people I distribute the swag bags too, and then will be spent on any one said company featured in the swag bags!

What does this do for my company- Gives you exposure, makes connections and hopefully gets you some potential customers, and purchasers!

When do you distribute the bags? This particular distribution will be among 3 of my top events.

What does my money go towards?- I use the money earned from making the swag bags, to purchase the bags, any little goodies I add in, and ultimatley pay for the venue for the event!

How do I pay? You pay 10$ to mmben5523@gmail.com and then once I've recieved your payment, I will send you the information you need to send me as well as where to send it

M's Mixer Swag Bags!

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Get in on the fun, by being featured in my bags!

Affordable, Fun, and Easy!