Ridgeview Rundown

Week of January 19th, 2015


"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

This Week's News

Ordering: It's time to place orders for the remainder of the school year. If you lead an event that needs materials or if you have items that you would like to request, let me know. Due to our careful budgeting, we have money left to help us reach our SIP goals, so if you have an idea, now is the time to let me know!

PTA Meeting Notes:

  • McTeacher Night made $600!
  • Book Fair will be back for conferences...details to come
  • We received a Lowes Grant for walking trail beautification! They are open to ideas on how to spend the money so if you have project ideas, let me know.

iReady Home Reports: Just a reminder from DAC to send out the iReady Diagnostic Home reports or share them at conferences when they are available from the diagnostic assessment.

Chromebooks: Just a reminder that is CRITICAL that our students charge their Chromebooks overnight. If the battery runs completely down Tony has to reimage them and this takes him away from filling other work orders. RV is experiencing a much higher rate of this problem than other schools, so let's continue to remind our students and establish routines to ensure they are charged. If there are other variables for me to consider or ways I can help problem solve, let me know.

Field Trip Reminder: Please remember to notify the office of any field trip dates so they can be put on the Master Calendar. A grade level representative also needs to give Leslie and Carol in the cafe at least two week's notice to prepare.

Learning Cadre Work

Tech Cadre Update: Members of the Technology cadre will be joining 21C/Best Practices and Whole Child. Our technology is so integrated in what we do and we have evolved so quickly with our technology use at Ridgeview that it made sense to combine these cadres. You will see extra members at your next meetings.

Change in Date for 21st Century/Instructional Best Practices: Due to conferences next month, we will not have cadre on February 12th and have moved it to Febraury 19th.

Grade Level Work


20th: Tuesday with Judith for BIST

28th: Bill and Go Math/My personal Trainer


4th: No Collabs, but...schedule a data team with Laura and Jessica before the end of the


11th: No Collabs Due to Conferences

17th: Tuesday BIST with Judith

25th: Critical Thinking as it relates to providing feedback

Upcoming Events

** If you don't see your event (including field trips) on this newsletter please let me know so I can update it and the master calendar.



  • Staff Holiday Party @5:30
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day-No School
  • Grade Level Collabs with Judith for BIST
  • BLT As Needed
  • Whole Child Learning Cadre
  • PTA Skating Party 6:00-8:00 at the Northland Roladium
  • Ridgeview Night at the Liberty North Women’s Basketball Game: Choir performance. More info to come...
  • Happy Birthday Beth Rieger
  • Grade Level Collabs with Bill for Go Math

Planning Ahead:

  • Save the date for Dr. Tucker: February 5th @ 3:55. Dr. Tucker will be visiting Ridgeview to talk about our state of the district. Morning Collab will be cancelled that morning to "trade" for this event.

  • Valentine's Day Parties: February 11th @ 3:00
  • Conferences: February 10th and 12th