Is Martin Luther the man?

Why the church needed to be reformed.

The church needs to be reformed because it is getting corrupt and you can't stop it. Some issues with the church that needs to be changed is that if you needed forgiveness, of something you did, you did not have to pay a priest or any religious figured to be forgave. Also the sale of Indulgences. This was the huge one. Martin Luther really didn't like this and this was not religious in any way. The church wanted to make a buck from people.
"If the church is cheating you, then let Martian Luther 95 theses help you"

The summary.

The summary of Martian Luther main ideas, reforms, and his belief were he was a catholic but he didn't like how the church would charge the people who have sinned to be washed from the evilness. That's why he made the 95 theses, to make sure that there is order with the church. It was also made for the proper use of authority of the pope and the church.