Resources for Teachers

Helpful videos and pages

Parent Resource Room

I thought this was an excellent resource and think that creating one of these in our schools may improve parent involvement!

Imagine K12 EDpuzzle


EDpuzzle is a great place to take videos and crop them to show what you want. You can also record your own voice on the video instead of the sound it comes with.

Pinterest in Education at Lockerman Middle School


Pinterest is a great way to get ideas from other teachers. There are lesson plans along with activities and other resources. You can pin ideas and keep them until you want to use them and pin your own ideas.


ThingLink is a great resource for not only teachers and students but for the parents as well. You can link your image to different sites and they can look at all of them off the one picture. This would be great for a Geography lesson for example.

Surfing the Net with Kids

Surfing the Net with Kids is a helpful and kid friendly site with many different topics and games.

Meograph how-to video (old)


Meograph is a great resource to use with your students. I would use this to get to know your students background. Having the students create a Meograph about their life is a great way to get to know them.


Skype is a great way to allow your students to communicate with students from other states or even countries. It allows your students to learn about other students and where they live.

The Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel is a great place to get ideas for lessons from watching videos of other teachers'.


Edutopia is a great place to learn strategies to help prepare students for their futures.


SchoolTube is a great place to get appropriate educational videos. It has great ideas from other students as well as teachers, and has videos on behaviors such as bullying that are great for the students.