Khichari for your Kitchen

Join Us for a Cooking Session!

Learn how to make the classic Indian yogi dish. Kitchari, Khidi, khichadi, no matter how you spell it - you need to know the proper ingredients: yellow moong beans, basmatic rice, and spices tailored for your Ayurvedic constitution. Join Ava Gerber and the staff of Ras Ayurveda to whip up this simple but satisfying dish. And we will start with Indian Chai! The real thing.

Cost: $20 suggested donation

RVSP required by April 3:

Photo credit: Lazy B

Lucky Lotus Yoga Studio - Khichari Cooking

Saturday, April 5th, 4-5:30pm

184 Dekalb Ave

New York, NY

(718) 522-7119

Khichari Kits for Sale!