Water Preservation in Congo

Let's clean the water: make it drinkable!

The Main Issue

Only 47% of Africans have access to safe drinking water. This number has been decreasing for years due to infected water. However, the primary cause of unsanitary water is not water pollution. The cause is by nature, something we can't change. Such as snails, worms, insect larvae, and other organisms cause waterborne diseases. Everyday children die of waterborne diseases. They need help, but with enough effort we can help Africa get clean water!

Every penny counts...

Reach for the Moon

Reach for the Moon Foundation was founded by Elina Moon! It will send 150 people each month to assist the water issues and help treat the water. The helpers will also be interacting with the children and will bring them toys that you have donated. Reach The Moon Foundation is being funded by you! Please donate anything you can spare. Any donation amount will be appreciated! Please save a child's life today. Thank you!!


The money you donate to Reach the Moon foundation will go towards water purifiers for households in Africa. Also, we could use the new invention called the LifeStraw. This purifies the water as you drink out of the straw.