Disney Effect

By Nathan Winchester

Movies translating to theme parks

Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney opened 1967. Was the the last attraction whose construction was overseen by Walt Disney before he died three months before it opened. It is located within the New Orleans Square portion of Disneyland. Is still open to this day.
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Disney service

"understanding your guest". expectations and putting the right guidelines and service standards in place to exceed them. With more than 90 years of world-renowned customer service, no one understands this better than Disney. transforming exceptional customer service into a culture unified by a common purpose. Once people place and processes are aligned with a common purpose and quality standards, employees at the front line are empowered to perform because they are equipped with the right tools and clear service expectations.
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"Employees create happiness". Disney has guest not customers. The rules are no pointing, cast members aren't allowed to say "i dont know", actors must be certain height, no social media. Ways to get fired; seen with same character, having facial hair, and selling complimentary tickets. "he Disney Look is a classic look that is clean, natural, polished and professional, and avoids "cutting edge" trends or extreme styles. It is designed with our costumed and non-costumed cast members in mind."
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