American Revolution Research

Nathan Ballard

African Americans

The free black were drafted or enlisted by his own volition, there were about 9000 black Patriot soldiers in the American Revolution.
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Founding Fathers

political leaders and statesmen who participated in the American Revolution by signing the United States Declaration of Independence, taking part in the American Revolutionary War, and establishing the United States Constitution.
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Boston Masacure

9 British regulars were charged during the B.M. trials. Preston and six of his men were acquitted, two others were found guilty of manslaughter.

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Boston Tea Party

90% of the tea drunk in the colonies was smuggled in. The American tradition of drinking coffee increased as British tea was subject to boycotts
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Clothing if the Revolution

The first American soldiers were local militia. Many of them weren't trained soldiers and they didn't have uniforms. Most of them wore whatever clothes they had. In 1775 the Congress adopted brown as the official color for the uniforms.
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