1920's research project

Dean Pinedo

Red Scare: The Sacco and Vanzetti Case

The American people were afraid of communism due to the fact that it was new and not much information was known about it.

Automobile I: The Life and Times of Henry Ford

Henry ford created ford motors, which is still around today, and he also created the first affordable car.

Automobile II: The new world of Automobility

Automobiles allowed people to move to suburbs and to be more free and able to go places they couldn't go before.

The Mass Media I: Radio

Music, shows, sports, etc. were all given through the radio and It was spread to everyone in America that had one.

The Mass Media II: The birth of movies and movie stars

Information could go to someone in California as well as someone in New York, this meaning that ideas were spread more fluently.

Changing Roles of Women

Women started becoming bolder and from that were being looked down upon in society for their bold ways.

Evolution and then Scopes Trial

Fundamentalit's believed in religion and that "God" created all people. Because of this, they didn't allow the theory of evolution to be taught in public schools.

Fighting Racism

The NAACP created new opportunities for the blacks of America in hopes of them to gain recognition from whites and white society.

Jazz Age I

Jazz started as rythmic music created by the black culture during the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s.

Jazz Age II

Louis Armstrong was known to be one of the founders of jazz music due to his influence in black society.

Painters of the Harlem Renaissance

New styles of paintings emerged due to the Harlem renaissance that captured black culture.

Poets of the Harlem Renaissance

Langston Hughes was a very well known black poet that focused on the ideas of racism and black equality.

Heroes of American Aviation

Charles Lindbergh was the first person to ever fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

American Sports

Babe Ruth was a very well known baseball star that played for the Yankees and the Red Sox.

Organized Crime.

New York and Chicago were home to many big gang bosses like AL Cape where many acts of crime occurred during prohibition because of alcohol.

Racism and Nativism in the 20s

The Ku Klux Klan is a white racist group that hates all other races that reached its member peak during the 20s. They struck fear to mainly blacks.

Immigration Restriction

The comprehensive immigration law limited 2% population of any country to be imigrants in the US.