An evening of solidarity

Lets join hands and rise voice to support girl rights

Young People for Life India invites you to join an 'evening of solidarity' - A daughter is the knot that ties the family together. Support the girl child by joining us. Be a part of the change by supporting us!!!

Solidarity evening

Friday, Sep. 13th, 5:30-7:30pm


Hyderabad, AP

Celebrity Boutique Hotel,opposite Shoppers Stop, lane beside SBH Bank, Chikoti gardens, Hyderabad- 16 Phone: 040 66285566

An evening with...

  • An invitation of celebration of girl child - An Indian classical- Kuchipudi dance by Ms. Tulasi Tadi, Hyderabad
  • Music reaches everyone and its time to create more - IAM- Teen creative band , Hyderabad
  • A journey towards hope and courage - A though provoking sharing with Teen2Teen vol's
  • Importance of girl rights- a special focus with international guest from (Sweden, Nygeria and Germany)
  • Day of the girl child promo

We are delighted to have you with us... a delicious banquet Rs.500 .....

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we are...

Young People for Life India is a National Charitable Trust, run by dedicated Women Practitioners, working to share and transform the lives of youth in India and abroad. Working with many young people each month, we draw alongside teens from different backgrounds and cultures in India and abroad. Our local partners/ volunteers specialize in working with unreached youth to transform them into empowered citizens.

The Trust is committed to the empowerment of young people in our community, especially teenage girls and younger women in the suburban and urban poor settings of India.

In each of our youth programmes, we approach the three E’s;

Engaging, Empowering and Enlightening

Our passion is keeping our mission alive. We work with people on the ground ensuring that thousands of young people (and their families) will benefit. We are very fortunate to be part of this God-given mission- empowering young people to seek a better future and transform the lives of others. We are committed to our purpose and thank you for your interest in what we do.


Young People for Life India is governed by the Board of Trustees which meet by quarterly. The Board members are:

  • Dr. Dotanga Chow, Retired IPS (Indian Police Services), Hyderabad (Chair)
  • Mrs. Sandya Athamkoor, Teacher (specialised in Children work), Hyderabad
  • Mrs. Sumalatha, Student Councilor (specialised in Gender) , Hyderabad
  • Ms. Shobha Gosa (Company Secretary)

Advisory Committee:

  • Dr. Kamala Kumari, Principal, Govt Degree College, Hyderabad
  • Ms. Sujatha Stephan, Chief Nutritionist, Global Hospital, Hyderabad

International Advisory

  • Mrs. Kathy Morison, Leicestershire, England
  • Mrs. Nirmala Bandrapalli, San Francisco, California
  • Ms. Chelsea Pallatino ,University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, Pittsburgh, USA

Registered in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. South India

Founded: March 2012 (Incorporated under India Public Charitable Trust)