The One by Kierra Cass

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The One is the third book of The Selection Series by Kierra Cass. This is the book when Prince Maxon will choose his bride; the future queen of Ilea. Who will it be, will America be The One?
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America Isn't Sure About Maxon

America still is unsure about Maxon. She doesn't know if she really loves him or even what the meaning of love is. She doesn't know if she has or ever will experience real love or any love at all. (00:34-00:58)
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Kenna and Jame's Baby

America got a letter from her little sister, May, that said that their big sister and her husband, James, had a baby girl named Astra. (0:58-1:20)
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The Northern Rebels Come

Two northern rebels named August and Georgia come to the palace to speak to Maxon and America. Maxon suspects that they have come to try to take over the palace. The rebels then assure Maxon and America that they came to tell the royal family that they are supporting the monarchy. All they want is for the social classes to be nonexistent which America has also longed for for quite some time. They want Maxon to choose America as his wife because she has showed signs of bravery, and she will stand up for Illea and do the right thing. (1:04-1:30)
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Date On the Rooftop

Maxon takes America on a date. They go up onto the rooftop of the palace in the pouring rain. This is when America decides that she REALLY loves Maxon. (1:00-1:30)
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Celeste in Tears

Celeste is another girl, running in the selection. She is not very kind and America doesn't like her much. America finds her crying in the library of the palace. Celeste said that she is jealous of America and Maxon's relationship. Celeste then admits that she wants the crown for the fame rather than for Maxon's love. (00:56-1:23)
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Visiting Maxon's Bedroom

Maxon takes America to his room to show her the collection of photos on his wall. Some are even of her. Maxon has a great interest in photography so he has taken a lot of pictures. A guard then walks in to announce the death of America's father do to a heart attack to America. (00:34-1:30)
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She Wants Him

After seeing who Maxon really is, America sees how much she loves him. No matter what is happening with her family, she loves him and she knows what she wants. (00:44-01:13)
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Returning Home to Carolina

America goes back home for her father's funeral. One day in her home, her mother sits her, Kenna and Kota (her older siblings) to talk to them. She gives each of her three oldest children a letter from their father that he wrote before he passed. In America's letter, her father admitted that when he visited her at the palace months ago, he found diaries from the founder of Illea in her room. Maxon secretly let America read these books. America's father also wrote that he mentioned that he saw the books to some other people. Her father wrote "look until the north star" in this letter as well. America also recognizes the fact that her father's signature looks like the north star which is the symbol of the northern rebels. "So what does this mean?" America asked herself. (00:30-00:55)
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Will I Survive?

A couple days later, the engagement ceremony is supposed to happen. Maxon, Kriss (the only other selected girl left,) America and the royal family gather together in the dining hall. Maxon is planning to announce who he will marry. Before he gets the chance, southern rebels come running in with loaded guns. They shoot anyone they can, aiming for America and the royal family. They want one thing, to control Illea. They fire at America but Maxon jumps in front of her and takes the bullet. Maxon orders the nearest guard to take America to a "secret safe room." America has been in this room for hours when finally, August and Georgia come in to get her to the hospital wing. Here, america finds Maxon. She then hears that the King and Queen have died in the shooting. (00:33-00:56)


Maxon and America have been saved... But has Kriss? Who does this mean that Maxon will marry? What will happen to the country without the King or Queen? Read The One to find out!


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