Staffordshire & Moorlands

Foster Carers Association

Meeting 15th April 12 - 2.00pm

An Invitation to participate

Room 9 -10 St Chads, Stafford.

Your voice - Your opinions - your Association

Uniting and supporting Staffordshire foster Carers

Travel expenses Supported by Staffordshire Fostering Service

After training presented by the Fostering network we received the following comment

"You are clearly building an assertive and professional committee"

Monthly Meeting

Monday, April 15th 2013 at 12-2pm

St Chad's Pl

Stafford, England


12pm Start

Application's to join Committee (please note these meetings are open, and committee membership is not required to attend),

1) Apologies - Minutes from last meeting 5t March 2013, room 3 St chads, tipping street

2) Update from Alan Hudson (chair)

3) Finance Update Tanya Alder (Treasurer)

4) Phone Support Line progress report Shirley Hamrouni - Jeanette Mc Innes


A NEW addition to the agenda, timed slots for subjects that need maximum input in the shortest time, all ideas, suggestions and thoughts welcomed. this month the subjects are

1- What does the association aim to achieve in next twelve months, this will give us targets and help Tanya prepare our Charitable Status application.

2 - Leaving Care 18+ campaign, formulate questionnaire to collect data, campaign strategy,

3 - Fundraising - ideas ideas ideas - As an independent Association hoping to provide a range of support and services to Staffordshire foster carers we will need funds, Hopefully we can create 3 major events a year that will grow and develop over the coming years..

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