Video Insight Web Client Login

Camera Access

Flyer includes step by step information on:

  • How to login (STEP 1)
  • How to view existing cameras (STEP 2)
  • How to view past events and history (STEP 3)
  • How to download a clip (STEP 4)
  • How to use Bookmarks (STEP 5)

STEP 1: Login to your MyGC Portal

Login to your MyGC Portal and locate and click on the Video Insight Tile. If you have access to the video cameras, it should automatically log you into the system.

If you know you should have access, and it doesn't auto log you in, please use this format below to sign into Video Insight.

Username: gccisd\username (use the slash above the enter key)

Password: Same as computer

****This site only be accessed while on the GCCISD Network. You will not be allowed to view cameras from your home or an outside network.****

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STEP 2: Viewing Existing Cameras

This is what you should see after you login in. The cameras you have access to view are on the left hand side, sorted by campus layouts.

The cameras you have access to view are on the left hand side.

You can search for the cameras at the top. All cameras start with campus initials.

Example: ABE = Antonio Banuelos Elementary / EFG = E. F. Green Jr

Alternatively, you can select premade views and maps for your campus at the bottom

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To focus on a specific camera, double click and it will expand.

STEP 3: Viewing Events and Past History

After selecting a camera, you can access the recorded video using the bottom toolbar.
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The Calendar on the bottom left, when expanded, will highlight all calendar days where recordings are available with orange.

The Timeline view will notate the times at a glance. To begin playing click and hold the timeline and drag it left or right; release the mouse, then click to play.

To create a still image click on the camera icon on the camera toolbar.

STEP 4: Create a Clip

To create a clip of the video footage, click on Create a Video Clip on the far right side of the screen.

A new window will pop up allowing you to select the start and end date and time.

Click Export and the file will be retrieved from the servers and downloaded as soon as available.

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STEP 5: Using Bookmarks

Bookmarks allow for easier time to track events for review and export later.

To create a bookmark, click on the bookmark icon on the far right side of the screen and select Add Bookmarks.

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Here you will add a title and description to the bookmark.

After adding, a yellow mark will be added to the timeline.

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To review saved bookmarks, click on the bookmark icon on the far right side of the screen and select View Bookmarks.

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From here; you can select a bookmark and Play the video from that time, Edit a bookmark with more information and time, or Delete a bookmark.

Recommendation: After reviewing and saving the video, remove any bookmarks relevant to the video. The servers hold onto that data and could cause issues later.