Video Insight Web Client Login

Camera Access

Flyer includes step by step information on:

  • How to login (STEP 1)
  • How to view existing cameras (STEP 2)
  • How to view past events and history (STEP 3)
  • How to download a clip (STEP 4)
  • How to make your viewing smoother (STEP 5)

STEP 1: Accessing Website

Open your Internet Browser


Enter your user name and password

Example: User Name: gccisd\username (make sure you use the black slash above the Enter Key)

Password: This is the password that you use to login to your computer.

Click: Sign In

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STEP 2: Viewing Existing Cameras

This is what you should see after you login in. The cameras you have access to view are on the left hand side, sorted by campus layouts.

If you have access to more than one location, click on Sort Ascending to list them in Alpha Order.

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Check on the layout you would like to view.
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Then check the camera you wish to see. The image should appear on your screen.
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STEP 3: Viewing Events and Past History

After selecting a camera, you can access the recorded video using the bottom toolbar.
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The Calendar on the bottom left, when expanded, will highlight all calendar days where recordings are available with orange.

The Timeline view will notate the times at a glance. To begin playing click and hold the timeline and drag it left or right; release the mouse, then click to play.

To create a still image click on the camera icon on the camera toolbar.

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Step 4: Create a Clip

To create a clip of the video footage, click on Create a Video Clip on the far right side of the screen, and adjust the start and end time frame that you need.

Once you get that set, press the download button next to the start time.

The clipped video will save to your downloads folder.

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STEP 5: Recommended step for smoother operation

While Web client can be used on any current web browser, it is recommended to use Internet Explorer and to install the High-Speed ActiveX plug-in. (Administrative install privileges needed to install ActiveX)

After logging into Web Client, click on Low button (Top Right corner).

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If ActiveX plug-in is not install, this pop-up will show. Click on OK to start install, it will bring you to the next page.

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Big image

There may be a pop-up asking if it is okay to run this plug-in on this site or allow for all, only run for this site.

Once the plug-in is installed, clicking on Low will change it to High and the connection to the cameras will run smoother.