Civil Rights Movement!

By: Jaysen Alcisto


The civil rights movements in the United States have led to a society that revolves around acceptance and tolerance, through peaceful protests, riots, and demonstrations, which affect positive change. However, the United States has a long history of racial segregation, discrimination, and tension between different groups. Racial segregation can be traced far back reaching even to the Civil War, where the North fought the South over the ethics of slavery. As time passed, and tensions grew between whites and African Americans, the blacks started to stand up for them and put and end to the inequality.
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Feature Article:

The biggest tactic used by protestors during the civil rights movement was protesting. Leaders of the movement would organize marches with signs hoping that they could gather more people for the movement. One of the biggest marches was "March on Washington". Over 200,000 people met up in front of the Lincoln memorial and protested to allow blacks to vote. During that march Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous "I have a dream" speech.

Another well known tactic were the sit-ins usually directed by SNCC. The sit-ins would have blacks sit-in segregated restaurants/diners and stay until arrested by law enforcement. By doing this SNCC believed that it would be a peaceful way of showing that blacks could eat in white restaurants to. Sit-ins included sit-ins at lunch counters, wade-ins at segregated swimming pools, and pray-ins at white-only churches.

The last most common tactic used by black protestors is taking certain situations to court. Some of these would include Brown v. Board of Education and Plessy v. Ferguson. Most of these court cases included the NAACP. By taking these situations to court it gained national attention to the movement.

Review of "Sweet Honey in the Rock, Eyes on the Prize"

The beginning of this song is very edgy. You get this almost spine-tingling feeling when the choir starts to sing. It tells you during the whole song to keep going and basically keep your eyes on the prize. Its one of those songs that makes you want to get -up and go do something, and for this case it would be to go out and protest for what is right.