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E-Learning Course – Working Safely

Introducing Working Safely.

This module takes you through the reasons why the Health and Safety at Work Act is so important and outlines the need for risk assessment and the data received by the Health and Safety Executive regarding the causes of fatalities and injuries in the workplace.

Defining Hazard and Risk

This module talks you through the meaning of hazards and risks. Risks arise when a hazard could cause harm. A hazard can be an object such as a piece of machinery or chemicals used at work, or causes such as negligent handling, or fatigue.

Identifying Common Hazards

This module talks about risk assessment and how to identify common hazards and reduce the risks of injury. Is all machinery well maintained? Are chemicals labelled and stored correctly? Are exits from the building free from obstacles?

Improving Safety Performance

This is module 4. Here you are educated about safety methods and the importance of not letting safety procedures slip, either through laziness or lack of time. Employers and employees need to work together to create an efficient Health and Safety policy that will reduce risks and keep people safe.

Protecting the Environment

In this module we deal with the protection of the environment. This includes providing a smoke free atmosphere, using low energy lighting systems. Making sure heating and cooling systems are effective and re-cycling.

Final Assessment

The final assessment module takes you back through the whole course to enable you to gather your facts and collate the information necessary to answer the questions successfully

Hazard Perception

This module will test your awareness of workplace hazards, how to prevent accidents and cut workplace risks and explore the effectiveness of the health and safety policy that your employer has in place.

If you are interested in health and safety matters and you are thinking about becoming an appointed health and safety representative in the workplace, then this course is for you.

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