Team Mitchell Newsletter-Week 10

October 17 - October 20

Welcome to the team!

We have a very busy week this week! We will be STAR testing on Monday & Tuesday this week. Results will go home shortly after that. Report cards will go home on Thursday. 50's day and our PBIS celebration is on Thursday as well.

On Tuesday it is Pennies for Pink day! Wear pink and donate loose change!

On Wednesday it is wear Orange for Unity Day! It is also Earthquake awareness day. We will practice an earthquake drill today as well.

Don't forget Fall Break is the 21st-24th.

Have a great week!

Miss Mitchell


Dear Family,

Do you know a nocturnal animal that flies? What will we be talking about this week? BATS! We will be reading and discussing the story Stellaluna by Janell Cannon. We will continue to focus on character and setting within the story but will begin to focus on the major events in a story. Questions we will answer as we fly into this book are as follows: Why does the author italicize words within the story? What does it mean to persevere?

  • swoop: To sweep down from above suddenly
  • clutch: To hold tightly
  • escape: To get free
  • clamber: To climb in an awkward way
  • curious: Earn to learn or know

Sleeping Bats
(Tune: Are you sleeping?)

Bats are sleeping,

Bats are sleeping.

Upside down, upside down. Sleeping in the morning sun,

Waiting for the night to come. Then they’ll fly around,

Then they’ll fly around.

Sight Words

This Week: See, you, of, are
Red, am, I, the, green, little, to, yellow, black, pink, we, for, white, have, purple, my, orange, brown, he, with, me, look, she, they


We have begin our second unit of our phonics program - Letters to sounds. We will focus more heavily on the sound each letter makes (for 2 days) and handwriting.

This weeks letters:
Monday- Nn


This week we will be focusing on writing about bats!


Monday: One More
Tuesday: One Less
Wednesday: Same Number


Reading: Read 10 Minutes & Fill out Log
Study Gummy Bear Words

Here are just a few activities you can do at home with your child this week for literacy.

  • Make a bat snack using a tootsie roll as it’s body, an oreo broke in half as it’s wings, and candy corn as its teeth and white chocolate chips for his eyes.
  • Flap your arms like a bat’s wings to spell CVC and sight words. You can also flap for how many syllables in a word.
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Dates to Remember

October 18- Pennies for Pink: Wear Pink & bring Loose change
October 19- UNITY DAY- Wear Orange
October 20- 50's DAY! (PBIS Celebration Day!)
October 21-24- Fall Break
October 28- WEAR BOMBER COLORS/BOMBER GEAR & School Drug Free Assembly
October 31- Fall Party

October Birthdays