Hitlers Crave for Territory Leads to a "No Retreat Policy"

Summary of Event

Hitler took power, after the stall of offense in the Soviet Union. One of his first acts was to make the "No Retreat Policy." This forbid retreating. Hitler did this because he wanted territory. This policy removed Germans greatest strength against the Russians; there mobility.


In December 1941, Adolf Hitler ordered a no retreat policy. This ordered that certain places would be designated as forts. The soldiers in the fort are not allowed to retreat on threat of death. The soldiers were ordered to hold at all costs. There were fourteen forts major forts, the first of which was Stalingrad. Seven of the forts were in France, two in Poland, four in Germany, One in the British Crown Dependencies and one in Poland. A fort was made in a town or city. Some forts the Allies went around, they didn't fall till later. Overall the "No Retreat Policy" was a last ditch way to stop Soviet offense.


"The will to hold out must be brought home every unit!" Adolf Hitler's quote. Adolf Hitler was commanding General, Franz Halder. Hitler told Franz Halder that his troops could not retreat or they would be executed.
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  • The policy begins on December 10th, 1941.
  • Hitler dismissed the same generals who invented the Blitzkrieg, because they told him it was a bad idea.
  • Hitler believed that Germany would win by sheer will power. This policy only affects the eastern front of Germany.
  • The policy was made during the battle of Moscow, a time of stalemate in winter.
  • Hitler made the policy because he was obsessed with "Lebenstraum", this was living space for the German people.


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