Casta Rica

Freedom is Yours


Hello, and welcome to Casta Rica! In Casta Rica you will find 2,154 loyal citizens! In our country, our citizens have a lot of freedom and rights. The citizens of Casta Rica have the right to vote for their own laws, making our country a very citizen oriented country! To help organize the voting the citizens will elect a leader to head the voting. This leader will make no decisions regarding the law, but will only be there to help the citizens participate in an organized vote. A new leader is elected every two years. In Casta Rica there are only a few voting requirements. You must be a legal citizen of Casta Rica and at least 18 years of age. The founders of Casta Rica decided that it would be best for our country if each citizen voted for their laws because our population is very small. When it is time to vote on a new law, each citizen will go to Obeyo, the main city in Casta Rica. This is where our central government agency is. Another great thing about Casta Rica is our economy! Our economy is based on individual rights and a free market. In Casta Rica the main political parties are Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarian.

Where is Casta Rica?

Casta Rica is an island off the coast of New Zealand; between New Zealand and Australia! Casta Rica is a very rural community full of beauty.

Natural Resources

Casta Rica is the main producer of many natural resources. We have a large supply of coal, diamonds, gold and aluminum. Not only does our national resources help with our trade with other countries, but it also provides us with many jobs. In Casta Rica we pride ourself on our unemployment rate; less than 1%.
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Allies & Enemies

Casta Rica has a lot of great relationships with a lot of great countries. We partner with The United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and China. As a democratic country we do not agree with the government in China, but China is an essential country for importing and exporting.


Although the pros outweigh the cons in Casta Rica we do struggle with pollution.