Coastal Plains Article

By: Maya Mohan, Ben Borchgardt, Jack Dastur, Nicole Obialo

Why Should You Visit The Coastal Plains?!

There's lots to explore in the Coastal Plains Region. Like the Alamo Mission, commonly known as the "Alamo" in San Antonio, TX. We have the Galveston beach although it has a lot of seaweed and the water is brown, it's still a nice place to go to see and explore. We were all amazed of how tall the Sam Houston Statue was, it is the "Biggest Statue of an American Hero" and stands 67 ft tall, that's 9 stacks of Shaquille O'neal in columns!!! Now that's tall!! You can even go visit our state's Capital, Austin!! We didn't do very much in Austin but while we were passing through we saw the University Of Texas in Austin. We kind of passed the Guadalupe River on the way to Austin from Galveston! We were along the Brazos River while coming back to Coppell from Temple.

The Coastal Plains is a very diverse region, there isn't too much or too less of a certain type of culture, and that's how unique Texas is also.

If you are looking to have lots of fun but can't travel too far, then you should try going to "Six flags Over Texas". It is a nice amusement park in Arlington, TX where you can spend quality family time and also have lots of fun.

Texas is really true to their culture. In the Coastal Plains region one of our American Indians were called the "Apache Indians." Its was a miracle when we found the arrowhead in the sand. It showed evidence of an American Indian group that traveled or lived there.

This region is right for you! There is so much to explore! You can go tubing at lake grapevine or go to Galveston and visit the Pleasure Pier, Moody Gardens or even the boardwalk (it has crazy fun rides). You can go to Austin and head on down to China Town. You can even go visit the Houston Astrodome, thousands of tourist go there every year, it's the world multi-purpose, domed sports stadium located in Houston, TX.

So on the next vacation you have, I expect to see you located somewhere in the Coastal Plains Region! I am absolutely positive you will love it!