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Mrs. Eckenrode's Classroom Newsletter

A Week in Review

Here are just a few of the highlights to ask your child about:

This week was Fire Prevention Week. We read books and discussed having fire drills both in school and at home. Talk with your child about a plan in case a fire occurs in your home. I encouraged them to talk to you about having at-home fire dills and establishing a safe meeting place.

We began our Kid Writing lessons this week. After reading books about fall, the students wrote about what they like to do during this season. We practiced leaving "spaghetti" spaces between the letters within words and "meatball" spaces between words. We also stretched words like a slinky to hear all of the sounds. You can see some student work samples under the "Pictures of the Week".

I was extremely proud of the students who handed in the homework books today. It was evident that the students put a lot of effort into their letter formation and writing sentences. All homework books will be returned by Monday to begin working on the letter Bb next week.

We also read the book When I Was Little, the memoir of a four year old. The students were excited to write about things that they can do now that they are five or six years old. Ask your child what he/she wrote about in the journal.

Another book we enjoyed was The Relatives Came. It led to us writing about what we like doing with our own relatives. We added different family members' names to our word wall.

We practiced forming the letters Gg, Ff, Ll, and Kk this week. Please encourage your child to practice forming these letters correctly and name words that begin with their sounds.

Our sight words this week were: to, have, mom and dad. Can your child read and write these words on their own? With the beautiful weather, challenge your child to write as many words as he/she can outside with chalk. Finding creative ways to practice these words make it much more interesting and enticing to our kinders!

I introduced ten new centers to the class. Next week, the students will be able to explore the centers. Ask your kindergartner which one he/she is looking forward to going to next week.

In library, Mrs. Robinson talked about next week’s visiting author, Lauren L. Wohl, and read her book A Teeny Tiny Halloween. They also read one of the library's new books, Ike’s Incredible Ink by Brianne Farley.

What's Next?

Here is a preview of what kindergartens will be doing over the next week:

  • We will begin to tackle the "tricky" teens.
  • We will visit Mrs. Nisczak's (school counselor) office and learn about her role at Kutz.
  • We will meet Lauren Wohl, the author of A Teeny Tiny Halloween.
  • We will visit various centers to help us practice our reading, writing, math, and art skills.

Important Dates

Friday, October 14th: H&S Fall Festival at Del Val 6:00-9:00 (Hope to see you there tonight!)

Tuesday. October 18th: H&S Chick-Fil-A Night

October 24th-28th: Read Ribbon Week (See flyer that went home for what to wear each day.)

Friday, October 28th: Halloween Parade and Party at 9:30

Take Home Reading Books and Cut-Up Sentences

Next week, I will be sending home a couple of the books we have read together in school. Along with these books, I will send home a feedback sheet for you to complete after your child has read the books a few times. Since these books are reproducibles, you can keep them in a special place at home for your kindergartner to reread in the weeks to come.

It may appear that your child has these books memorized, rather than actually reading the words. This is one of the beginning stages of reading. This is why it is so important to have your kindergartner use the "magic finger" (right index finger) to track as he/she reads. Reinforce to him/her that his/her finger should be right under the word as he/she reads. I usually have a child go back and try it again if I see a student not doing this.

At this stage in reading, students also are learning to rely heavily on picture support and beginning sounds to read unknown words. Please encourage your child to do this. They are two very helpful strategies.

There is also a cut-up sentence to go along with each of the books. The student's task is to reassemble the sentences in the correct order.

After a child assembles and reads the sentence, have him/her go back and look for known words (sight words). I have to tell you how impressed I am with the work you are doing to help teach the 40 sight words I sent home. It is so exciting when I place a new word up on the word wall and the students yell out, "My mom/dad already practiced this one with me." If they are seeing the words both at home and school, they will be more likely to put them to memory.

Happy reading!

App of the Week

Ollie's Handwriting allows children to practice letters and sounds, read custom phonics words, and spell sight words without reinforcing bad habits. This is an engaging app to follow-up our letter work in the classroom! The students really enjoyed "playing" while practicing their letter formation.

Pictures of the Week

Check out our Writing!

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