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How Galileo became successful and what he did to achieve it.

Things to know.

Galileo is our most inspiring part of this museum his works are the main attraction here. Due to his great inventions like the telescope we were able to advance so much further leading up to actually going to space. This is why we have decided to dedicate this museum completely under his name.

Galileo Information

Who was Galileo?

His name was Galileo Galilei but most people just know him as Galileo. He was born on

February 15 1564 and died on January 8 1642 so just from those dates you can assume he was a very healthy man at that time. Galileo was a Physicist, mathematician, astronomer and a philosopher. But most people know him as a inventor for his most famous invention the telescope.

Galileo's Inventions

Most people recognize the name Galileo from his most famous invention the telescope, which some people today still do not agree that he created the telescope because there was a Dutch group of scientist also working on a telescope but he never copied from them and his was proven just to be better. Even though the Dutch telescope was created first people said that Galileo's was a lot better than the Dutch's telescope therefore making his telescope the first to be created.

Observational Astronomy

He was famous for doing this because he used his own telescope for this.

Father of Modern Physics

The reason why he was named the Father of Modern Physics because he was told to be way ahead of his time in this area of study. Just in general he was told to be way ahead of his time.

Father of Scientific Revolution

He came up with the idea of scientific revolution and he was also bad talked by Aristotle.