Introducing Me!

Omira Buckner

Where I live

I live very close to the school, I moved here from Liberty during the summer of 2014, so I started here my Junior year so this is my second year in the ParkHill District. I used to go to Liberty High school, but I like it here. Its not so bad.

A little about me

This year I'm a senior and I'm 17 going on 18 in July. I love to eat food. I hate mushrooms, blue cheese, and shrimp scampy, and I think cantaloupe is disgusting. Chocolate is the love of my life <3 I used to be really shy but I've grown out of that. I work a JCPenney by Chuckie Cheese and I am on the park hill step team, and also am in the PHAAST club in school. But yeah that's a little something about me.