Christmas in argentina


navidad traditions

When thinking of celebrating "la Navidad" in Argentina prepare yourself for blue skies, worm temperatures and a delightful breeze.During Christmas in Argentina, children write a letter to santa I found this to be a unique tradition since in the majority of Latin American countries children write to el nino Dios or baby Jesus instead. I guess this stems from their European influence where writing to Santa is fairly common.

During the night of the 24th of December families gather at the grand parents home, including brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, etc. All to celebrate "La Navidad.

more traditions

  • Papa Noel delivers gifts but also on the morning of January 6th the Three Kings, los Reyes Magos, also bring gifts for the children

  • Shoes are filled with straw or barley for the camels that must carry their riders to deliver the gifts. In the morning the food is gone and gifts are left

  • Houses are decorated with red and white garlands. Christmas trees are decorated with ornaments and lights

  • Great firework displays are very popular in Argentina

comida (food)