"Managing Diverse Classrooms"

A must-read by Carrie Rothstein-Fisch and Elise Trumbull

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The Bridging Cultures Project [the inspiration!]

Carrie Rothstein-Fisch and Elise Trumbull, along with their colleagues, developed the Bridging Cultures Project, which involves seven elementary school teachers who work with large numbers of immigrant Latino students; they became teacher researchers for the project. The things they learned from the project about teaching and managing a classroom filled with students from different cultural backgrounds make up the content of the book.

Be prepared to learn...

  • How the home culture of Latino immigrant students differ from the "mainstream" culture of U.S. schools
  • The difference between a student with a collectivistic cultural background (most of the world's population) and a student with an individualistic cultural background (prevails in American education)
  • Why it is important to understand these differences
  • How, as an educator, you can take advantage of students cultural traits to improve classroom management, student performance, and parent-teacher relations
  • Teacher-developed strategies that take advantage of the cultural values that diverse students and their families offer
  • How to reduce competition in the classroom driven by the individuals strive for personal success
  • The difference between cheating and helping and how to encourage helping in the classroom

Add this book to your professional reading list!

If you're currently or may be teaching in a diverse school district in the future, Managing Diverse Classrooms is exactly what you need to begin to understand your students. Especially for teachers who grew up in a typical American, individualistic, school system, this book will give you the tools you will need to accommodate your students who will probably have different needs and tendencies than you're used to. Don't allow yourself to be ignorant about the collectivistic manor that dominates 70% of the world's cultures!