The Valentine's Day Disaster

By: Brandi Dougherty

The Plot

Maddy Wilkes life is so imperfect. Her bratty sister, Monica, never stops tormenting her about a loser-boy who has a HUGE crush on her, her best friend Sarah has turned against her, and The Valentine's Day Dance is the EXACT same day as the soccer fundraiser! MADDY TOTALLY HATES VALENTINE'S DAY! When she plans to make a Anti-V Day Speech for the student council... everything goes bad. The day she gives her speech to the whole student council turn against her and so does her best friend! MADDY WAS FURIOUS! When she realizes that a boy in her class is desperately trying to ask her out to the dance, she feels terrible.

Read the book The Valentine's Day Disaster and find out what happens next!


-Maddy Wilkes is a thirteen year old girl who loves Soccer and she tends to over-exaggerate.

-Monica Wilkes is a fifteen year old girl who is super popular and is really bratty to Maddy.

-Sarah is a thirteen year old girl who has a major crush on someone (read to find out who) and is growing up way too fast.

-Josh is a thirteen year old boy who has a major crush on Maddy and really wants to go to the dance with her.

-Glen Plimpton is a twelve year old boy who is such a nerd and has a huge crush on Maddy (hint, hint!)

Favorite Quote

"Honey, I think you get a little too worked up sometimes." -Mrs. Wilkes (pg.68) I like quotes that involve your everyday-life and this quote is one example of them. I love this quote because it happens mostly every time I have a bad day and I think about it over and over in my mind. This sentence tells people to just relax and not get all tensed up because I know that happens to many people.

Figurative Language

-"loved" (pg.16). This type of Figurative Language is a suffix. The word "loved" means that someone loves something past-tense.

-"it's like she's forgotten I've ever existed" (pg.90). This type of Figurative Language is a simile. This simile means that Maddy's friend Sarah isn't treating her very well because she is ignoring her.