Esperanza Rising

By Pam Muñoz Ryan


Esperanza Rising is takes place first in Aguascalientes, Mexico and then moves into Southern California in the 1930s - the Great Depression.
This is what I imagined of what the farm/camp looks like. With the endless rows of workers and the immigration buses in the back round, it seems pretty close to what the real thing was like.
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Bio of Main Characters

About Esperanza

Thankful- Esperanza was thankful when Miguel came off the bus with Abuelita. Even though Esperanza was angry at first Miguel that he took her money she was saving to send to Abuelita so she could come to the camp, once she heard what Miguel had done for her, she was VERY thankful.
Esperanza was also thankful when the doctor brought her the news that Mama was recovering.

Nonchalant- Esperanza was also nonchalant when Miguel came off the bus. After he got off the bus he circled back to get Abuelita. Esperanza acted nonchalant when Miguel first got off the bus to greet his family.

She also acted nonchalant when she listened in on the adults conversations while she was in her room for bed. She acted uninterested but really she was tracking every word they said.

Generous- Esperanza was generous when she gave Isabel the doll that Papa had given her.

She was also generous when she gave a hat full of beans to a family in need.

Summary Things


Who: Esperanza, Miguel, Mama, Isabel, Abuelita.

Wants What: Esperanza wants to live her life with Mama, Papa and Abuelita by her side and in wealth.

But: A few tragic events topple the family on its side and Esperanza and Mama have to flee to America!

So: Esperanza has to learn how to survive with out Papa, Abuelita and her wealth (including her servants!).

Then: After a year of toil and work, Esperanza's birthday brings a final surprise; something that just brings the whole story together!


Esperanza is a 13 year old girl living in Aguascalientes, Mexico on her papa's large ranch. Life is as happy as can be until... TRAGEDY STRIKES!!!!! Like a giant wave, it comes! Left with the option of either Mama marrying Tio Luis, a sketchy uncle or fleeing the country altogether, Esperanza and Mama, along with Hortensia, Alfonso and Miguel, leave Mexico and move to a work camp. So, Esperanza has to learn the ways of a peasant girl (Which at first she is NOT happy with!) Then finally after a year of intense work with little pay, Esperanza's birthday brings joy... and a surprise that will melt your heart!!!

How to make Mama's yarn doll

How To Make A Yarn Doll From Esperanza Rising
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