By Parker Forgash

In this Smore you will learn about Norway. Norway is a very diverse country that is full of wonders. While it may seem Norway is a bitter country it is actually a pleasant country that should be visited.
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Norway's Geography and ways of Travel

The largest cities in Norway are not very populated when compared to other places like New York. This is demonstrated in the following list: 1st most populated and the capital; Oslo 925,242 people, 2nd Bergen 238,098 people, 3rd Stavanger/ Sandnes 201,353 people, 4th Trondheim 167,598 people, and 5th Fredrikstad/Sarpsborg 105,545 people. Some of the most prominent landforms are the Scandinavian Mountains that stretch almost the length of the country, Jostedalsbreen a glacier in the western part of the country, and Lake Mjosa located in the southern part of the country.The longest river in Norway is the Glomma at 371 meters and runs through the center of the country. The climate is generally mild in the short summer with temperatures ranging from 75 to 85 degrees. The winter is harsh with a average temperature of 35- degrees below 0F. Most people live in Oslo because it is south enough so it does not encounter brutal winters and is located near a river so they can get a good source of income. Some major ways of travel to, from, and within the country is by sea and air. To fly from DFW to Oslo, Norway it would take around 13 hours and cost around $500.

Norway's Government and Foreign Policy

Norway's constitutional monarchy and the leader is Erna Stolberg. The law making body is called the Storting. The major problem is oil. Even though they have plenty of it, most of their economy runs on oil and when the oil runs out they will lose a ton of money and jobs. So Norway has to figure out what thing to replace oil. Norwegian people have the same rights as people of the US. Norway was one of the founding members of the United Nations and NATO so it is a member of both. Most European and some Asian countries have an embassy in Norway.

Norway's Economy

The currency of Norway is the krone, equals about 0.17 of a US dollar. Norway's main export is Crude Petroleum. Norway's main import is Petroleum Gas. Norway's GDP was $65,656 US dollars in 2013. Norway is a wealthy country compared to the United States because the GDP of Norway is higher than the United States.

Norway's Social and Ethnic Groups

Norway's ethnic groups are Norwegian 94.4 %, European 3.6%, and other at 2%. Education is mandatory from the age of 6-16 years. Public education in Norway is payed for by taxation money. Women and children have most of the rights of men and therefore they have basic rights, but the women have slightly lower wages. 100% of the country is literate and probably has a good educational system.There has not been any fighting ethnic groups in Norway and everything is peaceful.

Norway's Religion Language, Country Flag

The major language of Norway is Norwegian (Also called Norsk)The religions of Norway are Evangelical Lutheran 85.7%, Pentecostal 1%, Roman Catholic 1%, Other Christian 2.4%, Muslim 1.8%, Other 8.1%. The meaning of the flag's colors is : White-Peace and Honesty, Red- Bravery, Strength, and Valor. Blue- Truth, Loyalty, Perseverance and Justice. This flag (seen below) was first used in 1821.
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Norway's Traditional Holidays or Festivals, Traditional Clothing, and Food

A holiday of Norway is Norwegian Constitution Day. It celebrates signage of a document that declared Norway a independent nation.
Norwegian Constitution Day
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This is a example of a outfit in Norway.
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Norway's Traditional Holidays or Festivals, Traditional Clothing, and Food Cont.

Below, there is a recipe and a picture for "Norwegian Cookies" taken from


1 Mix butter and sugar.

2 Add egg and mix well.

3 Stir in flour and almond extract.

4 Chill dough 1-2 hours.

5 Make balls the size of small walnuts.

6 Flatten balls on cookie sheet with the bottom of a glass dipped in flour.

7 Press a ½ of a cherry onto each cookie.

8 Bake at 350 for 15 minutes until edges are a light brown.

9 You can sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired

10 Enjoy!!!

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Choropleth Maps

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