Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc. was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in April 1, 1976. Apples competitors are Samsung, HTC, Sony and Dell and many more.


Apple packages its products in white boxes with the product photo on top, there packages come in different sized boxes depending on the product size


Apple products are to expensive for most people they are are priced higher than there competitors.


Apple is one of the most well known company, its has many different product lines such as Laptops, phones, I pods, i pads and many more.


Apple has the highest sales within its competitors in 2011 it ha more money than the United states treasurey


Apple head quarters are located in California, but all there products can be purchased at Apple stores or most electronic stores.


Apple has Distribution centers that are also used as storage units.


Apple promotes its products on Its website and bill boards T.V commercials and Flyers, apple also has youtube ads.