Girls on the Run!

Week 7

The 5k Registration is OPEN! Please make sure your daughter has a buddy signed up to run with them on the big day (all girls are REQUIRED to have a buddy who is 16 years or older run with them)! When your daughter's buddy signs up please remind them to fill in the affiliation as Chesterbrook Academy and make sure they list your daughter's full name as their buddy. Please feel free to e-mail with any questions!


The weather was a bit unpredictable this week--BUT our GOTR team raced on! The focus of the week was Standing Up--to peer pressure & for ourselves! We learned some good strategies to help us in both situations.

  • We learned SBLR--Stop, Breathe (5 deep breathes), Listen (to the inner voice), Respond (appropriately). Sometimes a simple "no thank you, not interested" goes a long way!
  • We learned that we must listen to that "inner voice" when dealing with peer pressure--if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't!
  • When standing up for ourselves respectfully, we learned to use 4 phrases: I FEEL, WHEN YOU, BECAUSE, I WOULD LIKE YOU TO.
  • We had to practice passing a tennis ball as a group, without knowing someone wasn't participating properly on purpose, to see how we managed our emotions to others.

We practiced putting these strategies into action to help us if we would ever find ourselves in certain situations!

Energy Awards

Madison received an Energy Award for finding her happy pace and running with it (literally!)!!! She found a style that worked for her and found a pace that she enjoyed!!

Emma received an Energy Award for challenging herself and working towards her own pace and lap goal!!

Tati really set her own pace on Monday and received an Energy Award! She was pushing herself to find what works best for her!

You go, girls!!!


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Lesson Overviews

Lesson 11: Standing up to Peer Pressure

Lesson 11 was called, “Standing up to Peer Pressure”. Some common areas where the girls face peer pressure are: gossiping, bullying, dieting, weight and wearing certain things to be part of the group. The girls were introduced to the SBLR strategy-this stands for Stop, Breathe, Listen and Respond. This strategy works for everyone…not just the girls-have your daughter teach the strategy to the whole family! For our workout we applied the idea of not falling into peer pressure by encouraging the girls to run at their OWN pace.

Connect with your girl: Ask your daughter to explain the SBLR strategy. Ask your daughter to tell you about a situation where she has experienced peer pressure, or seen someone else be pressured.

Lesson 12: Standing Up for Myself

In Lesson 12, we talked about how important it is to stand up for ourselves. The girls learned that standing up for ourselves, our thoughts, and our values means we are assertive and this is a very strong and brave way to live. The girls learned four phrases to help them appropriately express themselves when they experience difficult situation such as gossip, bullying or other things that make us uncomfortable. The four phases are: “I feel…”, “When you…”, “Because…” and “I would like for you to…”. These phrases help the girls to express their feelings, articulate exactly what is bothering them AND why they are bothered, and then explains in a respectful and non-demanding way how they would like the behavior to change.

Connect with your girl: Ask your daughter to tell you about a situation where she needed to stand up for herself. See if she can tell you the 4 phrases she can use when facing a challenging situation.

Dates to Keep In Mind

*** 5k registration is OPEN! All girls and buddies must be registered!

5/14 Saturday - Practice 5k here at CBA 9:00 am

6/4 Saturday - GOTR 5k @ West Chester East HS
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Parent Resources

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