O'Brien is not a Victim

By: Gavin Huff

O'Brien is a Villan

I believe that O'Brien is a villain in the book for what he has done to Winston in jail. "You can see that the numbers on the dial run up to a hundred. Will you please remember, throughout our conversation, that I have it in my power to inflict pain on you at any moment and to whatever degree I choose." This is one of the first things that O'Brien tells Winston when he is torturing him in the ministry of love. When O'Brien did this he did not feel any remorse for doing this to him at time. This shows that he is not just doing what he told to do by someone else but what he wants to do under his own decision in the book. In the book O'Brien tells Winston that he is mentally deranged because he acts like a normal person to us and not like everyone else in the inner party. He also says that he suffers from a defective memory and he makes himself believe fake events that never really happened. When O'Brien is torturing Winston he is telling him that anything he remembers is a made up memory and nothing that he destroyed working his job at the ministry was real. That Oceania is lying about its stories to the people that falsify there records for them. This shows that O'Brien is a villain because he's lying to Winston about the truth just to torture him. This is what makes O'Brien a villain.

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