by: Nicole Martorell B4

Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine is rich in pasta, fish and vegetables and characterized by its extreme simple variety, with many dishes having only four to eight ingredients. Italian cooks rely mainly on the quality of the ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation and presentation. Italy is known as the pasta country but they don't only eat pasta, they eat a variety of vegetables as well.


  • If an invitation says the dress is informal you should still wear stylish clothes that are still rather formal.
  • Punctuality is not mandatory. You may arrive between 15 minutes late if invited to dinner and up to 30 minutes late if invited to a party.
  • If you are invited to a meal, bring a wrapped gift. Such as wine or chocolates.
  • If you are invited for dinner and want to send flowers you should have them delivered that day.

Holiday Traditions

Christmas is by far the most important holiday of the year in Italy. The festivities lasting from December 24th through January 6th. Family gatherings are the most important part of the holiday. Christmas Eve dinner is traditionally a light meal without any meat. This dinner precedes the Midnight Mass. Christmas dinner is usually a bird of some sort along with many different sides.