February News From The US ATL (Academic Tech & Library)

What We are Reading

Upcoming Bits and Bytes

When: Wednesday, February 24th, drop in between 7:30-8:00 for breakfast bites.

Where: US Room 112 (Angela Mitchell's Room).

What: Copyright vs Fair Use in Student Multimedia Projects and Smarter Googling for Better Search Results.

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Let Your Students be the Star!

Are you doing something interesting in your classes? Is it online and hard to share? We'd like to invite you to participate in our first Faculty Showcase Dessert Party. You'll be able to set up your laptop or other device and tell your colleagues about your project. If you are interested, please email Robyn!

Favorite Presentation Tools

Looking for a new way for students to demonstrate knowledge of a topic? Here are some of Conway's go-to tools:

Best Security Practices: Beware of Quizzes on Facebook

We all are tempted to take those viral Facebook quizzes: " Which State You Actually Belong In?"; "Who Will Join You at the Retirement home?"; "Which Star Wars Character Are You?"; Or my favorite, "What Pasta Are You?" Yes, they are fun, but accepting and playing these quizzes can allow some companies to collect any information provided about you and your friends onto advertisers, a practice known as data mining. So resist that urge to take a quiz on your Facebook feed.
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Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

This year, book adaptations were in vogue with Oscar. Here are a few of the titles that are either about to be released or currently in production. Read 'em and weep (the movie is rarely as good as the book!):