Clare Tedesco and Liz Bochicchio

As you can tell by the graphs above, The U.S.A is dominating in most categories. For instance, in the pie graph, you can see that the U.S.A has more arable land then Ecuador, almost more than half. By observation you would think that the U.S.A exports a lot of food because of how good the land is there but in actuality, the U.S.A exports mostly machinery and mineral fuels. Furthermore, you can see that the U.S.A had a higher GDP than Ecuador. This is mainly because of Ecuador's economy. They have an agricultural base economy that can be very un-predidtable, especially with the tropical weather in that region. If a disease starts to spread around the crops or the people, they don't have the winter frost to kill it leaving many people out of work and many crops dead. This leads to a less productive economy unlike America.