8th Grade

By: Michael Chandler

My 8th Grade Year

8th grade was a very interesting year. I had very fun and good times, and I had very bad and boring times. 8th grade is very challenging. From trying to keep your grades up to trying to have fun with friends, it's hard to find a good balance. For some people, they are fine with having a C+ here and there. Others are way more caring about their grades.

I started the beginning of the year not knowing a lot of people, and thinking that I was going to hate everything about this year. I had very few people that I knew from last year in my class. But nevertheless, I made it by. Now it's the end of the year. We have done many projects, made many new friends and acquaintances, and had great teachers.

One thing good that I remember from 8th grade is my first time going into Spanish class. I had never had Spanish class since I didn't get it in 7th grade. When I walked in the teacher let everyone choose their seat. Them, out of nowhere, she started speaking really fast in Spanish. Everyone in the class sat there just staring at her, because we had no idea what any of those words meant. Now, we have a week and a half left of school and I can speak tons of Spanish. This goes to show that middle school is very important, and can teach you something.

What You Will Need At Osage Trail: 8th Grade

You will need a lot of things for Osage Trail. 8th grade is not going to be easy. You most definitely don't want to be caught without your supplies. Although for the first few weeks you will be expected to not have a couple of stuff under control, you are supposed to have your stuff together by the end of the month. Here is a few things you should have for 8th grade.

In your P.E. class, you should always have your uniform either in your locker or in your backpack when you are out of class. If you want to wash your uniform, make sure you don't forget it whenever you return to school the next week. If you don't have your uniform, then you will have to wear loner clothes and will get points taken off of your grade.

There is a certain item that you will want to make sure you have on you at all times necessary. A pencil. Most likely, if you have a pack of pencils at the beginning of the year, by the 3rd week you will have lost most of them. By the end of the semester everyone will be looking for a pencil. Make sure you have a special spot in your backpack for your pencils. One more thing, make sure your Chromebook is charged. You wouldn't want it to die when you're in the middle of writing someth-

Bad Side Of 8th Grade

With every grade, there is a bad part to it. In the midst of all the fun, you will be expected to do some work. It's a good idea to do the work or else your grade will start to fail. Keeping on top of your grade will not be fun, and will take out of your free time, but it will be worth while. Besides, why would you want to stay after to retake a test?

There's a lot of assignments you are going to receive throughout the school year. Over 25 assignments in almost all classes, except Industrial Tech. All in all, you will get about 175 projects in a semester. Even though a lot of the assignments won't be for a grade, you'll never know. This is part of the reason why you should stay on top of your grade.

Good Side Of 8th Grade

8th grade isn't all bad. You can do lots of fun stuff like basketball, wrestling , and even volleyball. All of these activities you can only do for 8th grade to represent the school. Even though 7th grade will be way easier than 8th grade, there are more perks to being an 8th grader then to that of a sevie.

One of the good things about 8th grade is that most of the teachers trust you. At the beginning you will have to earn their trust, but it should be easy. Then you can go use the restroom, go to certain places as a class without the teachers herding you around, and even let you go down to the office to do stuff for them. But like everything else, there is a catch. You have to keep that trust. And it's not just you who has to keep that trust, it is everyone.

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