What I've learnt about

technologies during the process of constructing my product.


While I was already fairly experienced in Photoshop, I did manage to learn a bit about laying out different parts of a magazine in Photoshop as well as picking up a few skills from browsing the internet and watching tutorials on how to create a magazine. I feel that after producing the magazine, I'm definitely a better user of Photoshop as I've accessed and used tools and effects I hadn't before. For example, I airbrushed the image of myself to remove blemishes and make myself look better; airbrushing is common practice in media nowadays, with magazines, newspapers and websites amongst other forms of media all having the stars in their images heavily airbrushed using Photoshop to remove blemishes such as spots or scars and even go as far as to radically change the shape of their bodies to make them look slimmer. While I didn't go that far, I did still use the process to make the images look more professional.


After working on the magazine, I feel my photography skills have come on leaps and bounds. I'd never really dabbled in photography before, and so I didn't really now how to use the camera to it's full potential. After working with the camera for a while, I picked up skills such as how to focus the lens for effect and the different types of shots one can take. I experimented with a variety of different shots in my preliminary coursework task, taking a plethora of shots such as over-the-should shots, wide shots and worm's-eye-view shots amongst others. For the actual coursework, however, I decided to only take three types of shots - a close-up of my cover star for the front cover, a wide-mid-shot for the double page spread and long shot to get a shot of a setting. All the work I did to pick up skills culminated in the best picture I took - the image of London Bridge as seen on the right. The rest of my images can also be seen below.


As well as the two technologies, I used a variety of different websites to complete work, such as Blogger to document all of my work. Before putting the product together, while I had blogged before, I had never used blogger specifically. Blogger allowed me to not only upload images and type things out, but also let me embed things created on external websites, such as Prezis and Smore leaflets. Prezis are interactive and animated presentations that are much more aesthetically pleasing than Powerpoints. I used Prezi to document my research findings while completing the Research & Planning section of the coursework. I was able to add videos, photos, text and even music to them to make them engaging for the audience.