Nikki Bella

By - Monica Padilla , rm 337


Nikki Bella is a professional wrestler . She works for the company WWE .


Nichole and her twin sister brianna were raised in a farm . She had never met her father . Her grandfather was her father figure . She was always a cheerful and happy little girl. Her mother claimed that she would never throw a fit or do anything to upset anyone. She was known by the name angel


She was born in Scottsdale, Arizona. She attended Chaparral High School. In 2002 she was graduated from her high school. She did her further studies at Trinity College.


She has two siblings . She has a sister named Brianna Bella , who is also in WWE . She has a younger brother named JJ Garcia . Her father left her mother at a very young age . Nichole always saw her grandfather as a father figure . But when her grandfather died she was very depressed . She had her grandfather with her until she was 24 .

The siblings


Nikki Bella originally wanted to be a professional soccer player but an shin injury stopped her from fulfilling her dream . So later on she followed her sisters dream . With was to be a professional wrestler. Nikki Bella currently holds the longest record to have the championship. She trains everyday for at least 1 or 2 hours a day


She holds the longest record to have the divas championship. She is also the most loved person in WWE . She has been very successful on everything she has ever done . She also is in a relationship with another superstar named John Cena . She also stars in the reality show called " Total Divas ."


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