12 Grade Media Literacy

Reflection of Media Literacy

I’d argue that I still have a pretty solid stance on what media literacy is. But I still am confuse of what media literacy is, by definition Media Literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media in a variety of forms, which is something fairly simple but hard to really know what it means. At the beginning of the year I looked up what media literacy was and got that definition, now I’d say it’s still the same but at the same time it’s pretty clear that it has improved over the semester. If you were to scroll from the bottom to the top (first to last) of my smores, just by the look of them you can see the improvement, in a way it looks like the person writing them enjoyed it more and more every time.

I take things very literally and I understand how that may not always be the best thing especially in any language arts class, mostly because you are being taught to be more ‘’open’’ in a way, it’s kind of like the art class for words, you’re constantly pressured to be more creative and to take things more figuratively. The most distinguishable part was the fact that instead of doing traditional British literature we did media literacy which made this class a lot more enjoyable, especially because it was something new so the teachers had think outside of the box on how to teach this allowing for a more diverse learning experience then previous classes. And for a first, it work really well, sure it had some bumpy moments, but for what it’s worth I say this was one hundred times better then what was previously planned. If I were to change something about this class it would be to redo the whole 1984 part, don’t change the book or anything like that, but for me and I’m sure a lot of other people the whole thing (book and work) felt like a grind, your just waiting for it to end and that’s a really bad thing since it’s a really good book. The book itself is really slow and takes a while to cling to it, so the fact that the assignment it went with was a huge grind and it keep changing, didn’t surprise me when people had enough of it, there has to be a way to balance them out and I’m sure in future classes it will be.