Desertification in Chad

How can we help?

What is desertification and why is it a problem?

Desertification is when land is converted into desert. This is a problem because desertification is turning the land into desert so people in Chad can't grow crops, and it has also been turning some of Lake Chad into desert land. The reason this is happening is because of deforestation and over grazing. This will have a great impacted not only on people but also on animals because there will not be a place to farm and grow food. Then they will run out of water and nobody will have anything to drink or water their crops with.

How can you help?

Well one thing we want to do is start planting different crops. Another thing we have started to prevent desertification is growing trees. But we need you to help us get enough money so we can continue planting trees if you would like to donate go to . Please donate think about all the people and animals effected by this. Also what if it was you in this situation wouldnt you want people to help you?