ELL Summer Learning with Technology

Apps & Websites to help 6-12 Students



EPIC! is a subscription-based ebook library for students. The company offers a free month if you want your child to try before you buy. The app and website gives readers access to thousands of books. This tools is great for reluctant readers or students struggling to find a book that interests them. This works on the web, iOS and Adroid.


Newsela text is offered at multiple tiers, for every student, no matter their level. Students learn at their own pace. Assessments are associated with the articles so your student can check their own progress. Students must be 13 or over to create their own account.



Quizlet is a great way for ELL to use their sets of flashcards to increase vocabulary. There are sets already created that they can use. Quizlet is a website and an app. Your student is most likely familiar with it as they use it in many of their classes. Students must be 13 or over to create their own account.


Kahn Academy

Learn anything! Visit Khan Academy to learn more about various math topics. Each topic has it's own tutorial video. You can search by grade level. Available in Spanish as well!


Duolingo - Website