Learning Style Project

By: Adrian Craven


  • Mastery: I can see how this would help me in the job i would like to do. Because i can make and use the tools.
  • Interpersonal: The job i would like to do needs you to be a leader like person or something could go bad.
  • Understanding: This helps with the job kinda but not really, it can help you understand the body more.
  • Self-expressive: You would have to know what your doing like sculpting something important.


  • Mastery: I like to listen to music and it could help with any job.
  • Interpersonal: I can see this helping and i use to be in a singing group so.
  • Understanding: I wouldn't really like to do this but it could be good on job.
  • Self-expressive: Yes the job needed you would need this.

All these relate to me because I can describe myself as these things.